Making Your Work Space Better

I have the pleasure, and the challenge, of getting to work from home.
When my youngest was home all the time, it was especially challenging, with him running in and out interrupting what I was doing. That meant things were shoved in where they fit, paperwork and materials willy-nilly, supplies piled up at random.
I had to get organized and really strategic in when I could fit in work time. This was the end result ; mess, clutter, and things collecting dust that I was never going to make use of.

One thing I’ve discovered in the last 5 years, is that having a space I love to be in makes a huge difference. I look forward to being in it, I feel inspired and focused, and I get way more done in way less time – which is a big deal when you’re a mom of 4 kids under 13. 😉
Since moving into our new house 3 years ago, my office was in a bedroom , then in the living room ( that was really unproductive ), and then back haphazardly into one of the bedrooms again. I realized last week I was going to need to change it up to move forward with purpose and focus, and show up well this year.
So, it was time to change it up!
Here’s what I did to declutter and make it a space I truly loved walking into. Before getting started, I filled up my diffuser with a super helpful blend called Clear the Clutter , turned it on, and dived in.
– First thing, was to go through 5 years of old business materials I hadn’t made the time for. I’ll either sell it off, give it away to people in my business who can use it, or donate depending.
– Second, was to maximize my chances of absorbing as much vitamin D as possible, lol. I live in Northern Idaho where winters are long and dark, and I need every bit I can get.
– Third, rearrange the space so that it felt welcoming. I moved my desk to a standup or sitting option right in front of my window, where before it was facing the corner of the room, yuck.
– Fourth, create a cozy space for me to enjoy my personal hobbies; music, writing, and art. ( My thrift store chair may be ugly, but it’s one of the comfiest chairs ever and just the right size for me. )

Sometimes life feels so busy, we don’t think we have the time to do these things; but carving out the time is so worth it! Right now I’m sitting at my new space, typing out this blog post, feeling happy as a clam.
One room at a time is the simplest way to simplify your home ; so what space do you need to make a less cluttered, welcoming place to be in?
With Love –

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