Tips for More Energy Daily

Life is busy, and let’s face it, adulting can be exhausting.
With 4 kids and a business I run from home, sometimes I feel like I never have enough, while the kids never seem to run out!
These are some simple tips I’ve implemented that have made a big difference in my overall energy levels – which means being able to handle when the 5 year old lets the bunny out into the house a whole lot better. 😉
Simplify your life –
The reasons for this are so diverse, but here I’m talking about avoiding what is known as decision fatigue. The summation of decision fatigue,  is that we have a limited number of decisions we can make in a day. We use them when we decide whether to get out of bed or hit snooze, what to wear, what to eat, what kind of tea to have etc. Simplifying your morning routines means more brain power for the important things ; like whether to go back to school, apply for that job, go out with that person from the gym, take a promotion that moves you across the country.
I don’t know about you, but I’d like to save my decision making abilities for the important stuff, rather than stare at my closet for 30 minutes every morning.
Make time for yourself –
Notice I didn’t say find; you have to make it happen. While and undisturbed 2 hours before kids wake up sounds like pure bliss, it’s not super likely to happen when your kids are younger. A simple routine of grabbing your cup of tea or coffee and quietly sitting for 10 minutes to decide what is important for you, today, is how you keep your life headed where you want it to go. It keeps you in touch with what you want, where you want your life to go, and corrects you when you start to veer of course. Plus, it feels phenomenally good to have a few quiet moments where no one is asking anything of you.
My favorite practice right now is Mel Robbins 5 Minute Journaling practice. You can purchase one here, or you can even print the layout off for free from here.  It’s simple, and makes a big difference in how the day flows.
Get more sleep –
Sleep has become an inconvenience in our achievement driven society. Work longer, work harder, work later, push through, stay up that extra 2 hours after the kids are tucked in. The research shows that this doesn’t actually work. All you do is deplete yourself and then crash later.
Make sleep a non-negotiable. Set a time that you will get yourself to bed, and stick to it. If you have to stay up later, adjust accordingly and sleep in to make up for it. Sure, you won’t have your full makeup on or maybe even real pants when you drop the kids off, but you will feel fabulous. 7-9 hours is the suggestion for all adults to function at their very best. Try it and you will feel the difference, and then sleep will never be something you want to skimp on again.
Now comes the fun part – what are you going to do with all that extra energy?
With Love –

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