Death by Chocolate?

Ok, ok, maybe a bit overdramatic - but there is something in your chocolate that you may not know about, and it wasn't when we were kids. As a lifetime chocolate lover, I have had my favorites since childhood. Specifically, anything peanut butter and chocolate - but really, offer me chocolate and I won't refuse.... Continue Reading →

What You’re Not Sharing on Social Media ( but maybe should be )

The other night I was up late watching Bad Moms with my oldest 2 kiddos. ( Carefully fast forwarded and muted as needed 😉 ) They kept asking if that was what it’s really like, being a mom now.  We ended up chatting for a while about the image the “perfect” moms were trying to... Continue Reading →

Facing Down 40

Today is a rather momentous day - it is my 40th birthday. Man, I can remember when teenager me thought 40 seemed like , SO old - like, your life is over by then. 😉 20 year old me thought 40 is so far away, I can't even imagine being that old. I’ve got so much... Continue Reading →

Month 1 of the RV Life

Today marks 1 month since we left the only town we’ve ever lived in as adults, and joined the fulltime rv lifestyle . Having never even owned an rv before,  jumping into a 40 foot 5th wheel and a diesel truck to haul it is a major learning curve. Currently we are spending some time parked... Continue Reading →

I don’t want them to be labeled….

If you're reading this, than you've probably wrestled with this question. You have a strong feeling that your child, or yourself, have something more going on; whether it's being on the autism spectrum, sensory or learning disorders, ADD/ADHD, or physical/genetic issues, this is a question that often comes up. You wonder - Does my child/do... Continue Reading →

Tips for More Energy Daily

Life is busy, and let's face it, adulting can be exhausting. With 4 kids and a business I run from home, sometimes I feel like I never have enough, while the kids never seem to run out! These are some simple tips I've implemented that have made a big difference in my overall energy levels... Continue Reading →

Making Your Work Space Better

I have the pleasure, and the challenge, of getting to work from home. When my youngest was home all the time, it was especially challenging, with him running in and out interrupting what I was doing. That meant things were shoved in where they fit, paperwork and materials willy-nilly, supplies piled up at random. I... Continue Reading →

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